Just wanted to see what others thought about this song I wrote awhile back
Just a basic punk song

In my underwear
I can't help but despair
The state of panic that our world is in

The economy is collapsin'
My cancer is relapsin'
The holy terrorists are attackin'

I'm sick of the indecision I
Need compensation
I want to go my own direction
Before the work starts tumblin'
I might just lose myself
Under the rubble

I'm in over my head, I'm gonna be dead
I dunno where I'm going, the signs are showing
I'm doing this today, I'm making my own way

With life as it is
I'm more than less content
But my music keeps me strivin' on

With one last song
Before everyone's gone
You all should know pointless strife is wrong
Just a standard. Nothing that special, but its not bad at all. Although, "I'm in over my head, better off dead" is really really common and I think overused, but its still not bad.
C4C please? Lol i'm getting desperate. It's in my sig. If you could I'd really appreciate it.
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WEATHERER, the greatest band ever.
Not bad. I tend to like a bit more subtlety, but that's just personal preference. These look like Dead Kennedys lyrics without the humor. Still, these are good.
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