Hey everybody, I just picked up a "new" guitar off of craigslist the other day for my birthday. It's a Fender mexican strat with Texas Special pickups and a new pearloid pickguard, and I love it Only $300 too. And sorry for some of the blurriness...

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mine was 230 but you got upgraded pickups and an awesome pickguard. congrats
GLEN JENSEN. That is all.....

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that's a great looking guitar.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
sweet guitar HNGD
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haha thanks guys.
I Like Playing Guitar. And Bass. And Drums.
Monarch High School Quadline Too.
Damn first pic, nice pick.

But seriously, that's one sexy as hell guitar.
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Super sexy!
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thanks everyone, it really plays and sounds amazing.
I Like Playing Guitar. And Bass. And Drums.
Monarch High School Quadline Too.
I opened this thread and was extremely pleased, red + maple = best strat color combo in my books.

Great guitar and a great deal, HNGD!
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That is sweet man!
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Wasn't there a thread on the same type of guitar?

Maybe just a deja vew

I wanna play your guitar.

it's Niiiiiiiiiccceee xD
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I love the color combo.
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so jealous.
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