I'm in the market for a new guitar and amp, and I've finally decided on two. Note, I haven't been able to try them out as my local guitar center doesn't have them. But this isn't about the gear.

This is a pretty stupid question, but I need to know: Is it smarter to buy the guitar first and buy an amp that compliments it well, or vice versa?

Thanks for all answers!
It really depends on your needs. If you really hate your tone, get a new amp, if you hate your guitar, get a new guitar. You really have to look at why you're getting new gear. Guitars are for playing, amps are for listening. Decide which is more important to you. I would prefer to have a nice guitar than a nice amp since my hands are touching the guitar. A bad amp isn't terrible, you can still hear what you're playing. It's not going to turn an A into an E. If you play well, it won't be bad at all.
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Before I could upgrade to a decent amp, I was playing an Am Std Strat through a Frontman 15 for about 4 years.
Although that amp proved to be pretty decent. But, In my opinion, I'd go for a better guitar.
A cheap amp can sound ok, but a bad guitar will always sound AND play bad.

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Looking at your rig, I'd get a new guitar. Normally I reccomend a new amp, but to be honest, a spider is perfectly fine for practising, which is all it seems like you aim to do at the moment.
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Like a lot of people have mentioned, it depends on what you need.

Personally, I'd spend more on a guitar than an amp. A lot more.

With a good guitar, but crappy amp: you'll feel inspired to play, you'll feel comfortable playing and you'd feel happy with your instrument. An ideal amp tone is something you'll be chasing for the rest of your life.

With a good amp, but crappy guitar: you'll sound good... but playing will be a painful and won't be enjoyable even with an awesome tone.
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Or just compromise and get both!

Get a valve junior and a mexican strat or something
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Without knowing what you have for cash it's hard to say. I'd dump the spider for a vibro champ xd and make a move on the guitar as well. So as said earlier, get both.
Spiders are fine for practicing, its just when people say they want to perform with them is when wee get in their faces. Def get a new guitar....that Epi Specials a piece of crap.
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