Up for sale are both an ESP LTD EX400 and an ESP LTD DJ-600

Both esp explorer models, both at the same price ($350CAD), both including hardshell case.

Both are in equal condition, with the same features.



I was going to put EMG81/85's in my ESP LTD F-50, but that would cost me nearly $300 in the long run anyways. I know the DJ-600 has a FR, which would be new to me, and I'm not sure if it's worth the bother. I'm just not sure which one to buy. With them being equal in nearly every way excluding finish, I'm wondering if there are any major advantages between the two guitars. If anyone knows anything about them, and your feelings on FR's, please let me know haha

I'd personally rather not have a guitar modeled after someone else's (the DJ-600 is the Dan Jacobs signature IIRC). But I'd say it's the better choice due to the OFR.
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Why not get the DJ600V? IMO it looks better.

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i would just go for the DJ man it's a better value cuz its a more expensive guitar to start with for a cheaper price not to mention it looks cool and all the specs are the same. ltd seriously puts work into makeing thier sig sieres are amazing guitars im sure they use better woods and put a little bit more work in htem.. if that is even possable for mass produce machine made guitars
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depends if you want a floyd (DJ) or not (EX).
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Get the DJ-600, it's just more awesome for almost the same price. I'm not sure about the Floyed Rose, having not played with one myself, but I've heard good (and bad) things about them.