I sometimes wish the internet wasn't created. It's taken my life and soul! LONG!

Why must you be so addicting INTERNET?!!

I get on promising myself 30 minutes, find a video on youtube and then it's all downhill from there. 4 hours later my eyes are all squinty and my back feels a little weird. I try to go to bed but takes an hour before I can do so. It's like my mind has image overload and my eyes literally feel like they don't want to close even though I know I'm tired. I'm writing this message on this site and it can get out of hand later on. I will have an urge to come back to see if there is replies. Then, I might head over to a music site and read about some obscure sub-genre and discover some awesome song. That song leads to another and another and another and another and another!!!! So much music!!!!

It doesn't help that there is tons of online games to play and message boards for every goddamn game ever created. It just boggles my mind how many other people like Kickle Cubicle from the NES and had similar experiences to me as a child playing that game for instance. Then the whole thing of reading about games over the internet even moreso than actually playing the game we have right there ready to be played. I think some people find it more fun to discuss and rant over a game, because their imaginations can run wild. Whereas if you're playing the game, everything there is already set in stone. So why not go over to a game forum and discuss what levels should be in Super Mario Galaxy 2 when you still haven't completed Super Mario Galaxy!!

Don't even get me started on porn! When I had dial up it was like watching grass grow for videos to download or stream. I would spend hours pleasuring myself to one or maybe TWO yes two videos! Then, the youtube like sites came along and it took it to another level. People rating porn! YEAH!! Then high speed internet! It was a smorgasbord of porn! Now I could spend hours doing the deed to 50 different videos. Now my dreams could be filled with hundred of faceless babes instead of certain crushes.

Now there's myspace, facebook, yourspace, spacebook, ourspace, mybook, facespace....heaves.......AWWWWW!!! OK, I'm not on any of these, unless it's to create an account to just e-spy on people! (Not tending on doing anything bad, I just get curious). I don't like the whole idea and I'm not a social person (part of the blame goes to the net). I like person to person interaction where I can see the person's body language and know they actually want to talk to me. I do like the fact that bands/artists have these, and contemplate to myself how I could have one for my music project (which is inhibited by hearing other's music projects on the internet)! I was and still am a loner in the real world, but now I'm a loner in the e-world. I'm just another faceless topic creator or topic responser.

Heck, every time I have something wrong with my body I go to wikipedia or some health site and I'm bombarded with unpleasant anxiety since this could lead to everything and anything!

The internet is not bad by any means, in fact it's just the opposite, AWESOME!! However, I feel my life is being slowly taken over by the internet. I have dreams of giving my life to adventure like in the movie Into The Wild and walking away from everything! But that is impossible even more so in this day and age. I'm sad and the internet and life in general is feeling more and more empty and down right worthless. I don't even feel happy as I used to for games to come out, seeing a family member, getting back into college (do have an Associates), watching movies, playing piano, and the list goes on.

Now I'm crying with my face feeling all warm and eyes all wet. I hate to think morbid I really do, but all I can think of is them last moments of Nirvana's cover song "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" "MTV Unplugged In New York at the moment. Kurt singing/screaming them last words feels like everything I'm trying to sum up with my emotions and thoughts right now.
cant tell if troll or person with major internet addiction

if the latter: easy fix; get a friend, or family, to monitor your internet, and if you really cant stop. Get them to password your router, or turn it off until specifically needed for hw and what not. I know that was short and fast, but goodluck being not addicted.
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jimmybanks youre a genius

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my suggestion: go outside. get involved in a sport or a club or in your community. In short, create obligations that keep you away from the internet
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You need to find a way to limit your internet use. Find hobbies, make friends.

Being a cyberjunky sucks. Find help if you have any.
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You must lurk alot because I've never seen you post.

Well man... I can't really say anything because I'm not in your shoes. Dont you have some kind of social obligation like a job to keep you away from the net?
Start a band and practice nonstop. If you feel like browsing the web call a fellow musician instead and see if they wanna jam/start a project or something.

I also spend hours just wandering the web and refreshing the pit and the bass forum on here every once in a while. don't do sh*t sometimes. other times i force myself to play music. music draws me in and i forget about this internet thing.
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I do about 6-8 hours a day (weekdays), but I'm productive with it and have no problems getting off.

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Shit you got me!
Nah most of it's just learning about stuff, web design, other crap like that. I'm not getting so much work these days.
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if troll, what an effort.

if serious, tell someone like a friend or parent and get them to help you stop. the only way you will beat this is by having someone to help you through it.
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along with fire escape routes...

You're addicted to the internet how lame familiar
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lmfao @ "where did you sleep last night" to describe wasting your time on the internet
I laughed at all of that.
You sound like a funny kid.

...and it's all true, I'm not into to all the gaming **** but the music and porn takes up so much of my life.