So, basically, I'm looking at a new wah pedal as I've grown tired of my GCB-95. For a while I've been considering an Ibanez WH10V2 since after trying an original WH10 I couldn't afford, that is the only vintage pedal I have hunted, but I wanted UG's opinions.

Needs/wants from the wah;
~No more than $125.
~Preferably a controllable sweep, but if not, one that retains bass levels until pushed higher in it's sweep, and has a sweet, round end to it's sweep instead of the sharp, biting end my CB-95 has.
~True Bypass is preferred, but anything works.

As always, greatly appreciated UG.

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try a morley wah, the tremonti one is really good
Alternatively you could mod your Cry Baby, there's a thread for it here I think that among other things shows you how to improve the sweep hugely and do some other neat stuff (I think there's a guide to do adjustable sweep in there too). Really cheap and apparently it works wonders.

Unless you're set on a new wah. Just another option though.
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try a morley wah, the tremonti one is really good

Morleys are good if you want to play lead, but not so good for funky rhythm stuff.
ive owned tons of wahs including the cfh and the wylde and the classic fasel, im using the kh95 now, awesome wah ..try it
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You could get it on Ebay for like $100 - $120 new.


I've had many wahs in the past...and this is the one I've stuck with. Very versatile.
Budda bud-wah.

It's got a nice warm top end roll-off, built like a tank, true bypass.

Pricey, but you can definitely find it used for that dough.
Wh10!!!! Definitely! I own the original one and as far as I know the Ibanez WH10V2 is going to be exactly like the original one! :-)
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Gonna second the Bud-wah here, unless super high gain is what you want it is the smoothest and most rounded wah out there.