i got the august blues
lord knows what ill do
when i run out of you
she's not running away
she's not forgetting your name
cause when she comes back
things are wonderfully the same
so to all you bedroom dwellers
i think its time we leave
no longer lost in ourselves
no longer lost in our dreams

if the shoe fits
then the shoe fits
so tough ****.
thats me one
you none
still having fun?
There is little structure and consistency between the patterns of rhyme.

This isn't long enough for a 2 1/2 min song.

Do some more thinking and writing. This could be a developed piece
Danny Boyle says coming to Mumbai feels like coming home. Being one of the minuscule minority who didn’t enjoy Slumdog Millionaire I thought Danny for me was a long shot. But surprise surprise! Danny Boyle could be a huge lesson in accessibility to those Bollywood entertainers who react adversely to criticism and open their doors only to those mediapersons who praise their work. Getting the Slumdog director on the line proved easier than I thought. I was immediately connected to him …no call-wait as a long battery of deputies inform the firang celebrity-director of the caller, no pretensions as he mumbled he was “still asleep” and could I call him back in an hour? An hour later just before he got busy with a snarl of meetings before flying out of Mumbai, the softspoken auteur director took time off to answer some questions.
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