Hi gentlemen, hope all are well,

moving on from strings....Octavers now, if that' the correct word? Just for fun, not gigging, just passing the time

Being doing the rounds of the various shops, I don't want ooooodles of effects I will never use, just a good synth bass effect, example:-

This is some sort Of Boss Octaver...?


This sounds cool too, looks straight forward to use too, it's a Pearl OC-07, can't find any for sale..are they no longer around?


...is this the sort of thing I'm looking for? Any recommendations guys? Budget, say £100 ($140) I'm not too sure what that would buy though, could be good, may need more?


as always, many thanks for your patience and help guys

......this bass 'thing' is getting addictive, and I thought my Corvette Stingray was a money pit
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I'll sell you an EBS octaver for 80 pounds including shipping. Perfect condition, including a box.

As for the addictiveness, its really try, once you buy one effect, it takes off from there, eating into your wallet

Octavers are a cool effect, but mine was an impulse buy, and i didnt really have muchof a use for it (and i havent found one either)
I played through an Electro Harmonix Mirco Pog at a local music store and thought it was really good. It goes two octaves up and two octaves down and it tracked extremely accurately.
MXR just came out with a new one last year. REALLY good sound to it. Its supposed to track just as well as digital ones, without sacrificing the analog tone. I can't say how it compares to others on the market because I really haven't tried any, but its supposed to be at least one of the best:


This pedal is 3rd on my GAS list, right after the Catalinbread SFT and the WMD Geiger Counter.
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