Might actually have two of these tickets for sale, but definitely one up for grabs. Was planning to go but have to work now and so I'm just looking to get my money back. They are £15.50 + fees. So I'll round them down and call them £15 so at least a few pennies will be saved.......

The full line up is Amon Amarth, Entombed, and Evile. The gig is at the Waterfront on Tuesday 27th October.

I'm happy to drop the tickets off to you if you are anywhere near Lenwade, or anywhere in Norwich. Otherwise I will post them for free.


Probably not the best to sell them here, majority of people are from US I think, not many people here from Norwich. Apart from me =]
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And yeah, someone on another forum just told me about Evile so I suspect you are right....