Hi , I'm trying to record 2 mics into 2 separate tracks simultaneously , right now my XLR's are in the stereo channels and i have highlighted the channels i want to record on Cubase sx3 but everytime i record the chanells it just records them both to one track
Wait what? XLR's are in the stereo channels? Do you mean you have two channels and an XLR in either channel, or you have stereo channels and you have an XLR in either one? Please run me through your basic setup you're running.
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ok i have 2 mics both plugged into two separate stereo channels in my mixer running through my interface into cubase but when i goto record it records both mics on both tracks i want one mic on each track
Are you certain the channels on your mixer are stereo and not mono? That sounds, strange. Also in Cubase, is it recording the mics separately on the single track, making it a stereo track? Or is it a mono track and you only get a single signal recorded?
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the mixer has 2 mono inputs and 3 stereo ones i put them into 2 of the stereo ones and both the tracks on cubase are stereo not mono , im just getting both mics coming through on both tracks
Ok, I'm guessing that the problem is that your stereo tracks on Cubase are setup to take signal from both channels that your mics are plugged into. Set the track inputs to one channel each, and that should solve your problem. For example, track one takes input from channel one, track two takes input from channel two. Make sense?

Also, why are you using stereo channels? Are you using figure-of-eight mics or something?
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Why are you even using a mixing desk?
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Quote by Skater901
Also, why are you using stereo channels? Are you using figure-of-eight mics or something?

I've never recorded stereo before so im struggling to get to terms with what to do :P
should they be plugged into the mono inputs?