I am looking to start playing around with recording at home. Not looking for anything fancy or expensive. Am a beginner and want something fairly simple but will do enough to record a basic song (drums, vocals, guitar parts and bass). I would like to get the hang of a MTR before moving on to something a little nicer and for $200, seems like a good place to start. Does anyone have any experience with this portastudio?

EDIT: guess I should mention, I will be doing all the instrumets, guitar parts, vocals, bass, and using a drum machine.
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i just got mine today, it works great for basic recording, then just download audacity to edit tracks and overlap them. nothing supper special about this, if i was you i would consider the zoom h2 (http://www.officesupplymartonline.c...tereo_Recorder). it has great audio quality and does the same stuff as the dr-07 just for cheaper

but if you really want the dr-07 go on amazon and search for it, then pick the one from streamline audio video for $142 and then go to guitar center and get the 110% price match gaurantee. thats the cheapest way i found to do it.