ok just a few minutes ago I decided to take a look at the ugtv thingy again (its been months since I last checked it out) and I tought ok lets check some lessons, I might learn some cool stuff... right?

WRONG, every lesson wasnt even a lesson and if it was one (learn to play THIS metal riff etc) it was incredible crap, I mean cmon speedpicking 4 notes and calling it a lesson, then claiming this kinda riff is used in many metal genres... if thats real metal I wonder what im listening to>

the overall quality of the "lessons" is shamefull and its usually more of a showoff/advertising video.

isnt there some sort of check before a video get on there or can anyone who wants to put something up there?

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Why don't you add some lessons then.
at least people are trying and it's free.
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