It's the barcode you'll get tattooed with when they take you to a concentration camp for googling porn.

Google's new logo is a barcode which, as far as we can tell, says "Google." Today is the 57th anniversary of the first patent on the bar code. Inventors Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver filed the patent on October 1949, and it was granted, No. 2,612,994 (pdf), on October 7, 1952. The original patent was for a system that would encode data in circles (a bulls eye pattern), so that it could be scanned in any direction.

Hold your mouse over it, problem solved.

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This = great thread.
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I give you the lolslope

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If you move your cursor over it and wait for the description to come out it will tell you its for the invention of the bar code.
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You need to download a program called 'Lazer Pew-Pew Coder', use it sideways on the barcode, and BOOM! The best free porn will always show up at the top in any searches!

You're welcome

S t a i r s s r i a t S

I guess it's a mark of Google's impact that they don't report why their logo has changed for the day, but lets the Washington Post do it for them.

I guess journalism really has gone down the shitter.
Google is for sale, obviously.

Luckily my phone has a barcode scanner. I OWN GOOGLE!!!!!
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Scanned it on my iphone to see what it came up as.. was really hoping to get Rickroll'd.
404: Sig not found.
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Goddammit, seriously.

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That's not google... that's someone hiding on your computer screen.

This guy, in fact:


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Its a photo from an Ethipoian family party.........

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God. Even when people are ON google, they still don't know how to use it properly!