Hello everyone, I'm in trouble. My budget atm is around 800,-, and i've tried out a few amps(tube) with this price tag. 2 of those really stood out. I'm talking about the

- ENGL Thunder 50
- Fender Blues Deluxe

My conclusion was that the Fender has an awesome clean channel, and is amazing for blues tunes with a slight overdrive. The ENGL on the other hand, has an amazing distortion sound, and is suited for pretty much every playstyle, but it's clean isn't that bueatiful.

The stuff i like to play varies alot. I like to play Satriani, Vai and other instrumental stuff. But also enjoy playing Metallica. On the other hand, I play with my girl, she sings alot, and we play soft rock, which would lean me towards the Fender.

What i'd like to know is, which Amp can take pedals better? So i can adjust my playing with a variety of pedals. And which amp is more suited in general?

Thanks in advance

I have the Fender and with it I use (distortion wise) a Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker, Modded Boss DS-2, Marshall Jackhammer, MXR Blue Box and a GMD Luther Drive and I love it with all of them, together and seperately. I also use a DD-7, Digitech Whammy, Marshall Regenerator and a Cool Cat Tremolo and they all sound brilliant.

To be honest, with the Fender you have to use a pedal to get any sort of high gain sound, but it's worth it since you get an amazing clean channel.
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I used to play a Fender Deluxe, it loved pedals - I could throw anything at it.

Based on what you play, Id go for the Fender and add an OD or Dist pedal for when you need it, otherwise the clean and OD on the Fender will do you well

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try them out but keep in mind the thunder gets really alive at louder volumes. so dont try it on bedroom level. The cleans of the thunder arent bad at all, but of course a Fender has better cleans...
here's my thought on this..

Start with a good clean.
It's easy to get distortion out of a low gain amp by using pedals.
It's not so easy to get good clean out of a high gain amp.
There's no such thing as a "Clean Sound" Pedal..

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Thanks for the fast replies! I already tried them both, and at high volume aswel, i agree the ENGL sounds alot better in high volume, which is great for performances. But i haven't tested the ENGL with pedals yet, so i don't know how it will handle those. Atm i'm leaning more towards the fender, but i'm wondering if it can create a satriani/vai like sound. I know for sure the ENGL can with a good delay pedal like the MXR.
I think that youll find they're very close, in thier own ways. If your not devoted to metal, youd be better off with the great clean channel. that way, if you ever get into metal hard and need a new amp (aka - when you buy your ENGL Fireball, or Bogner Ubershall, or Peavey 5150) youll have a great Clean Amp too! You can always get a 30$ A/B box and voila, best of both worlds!
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The ENGL Thunder is a more modern amplifier. It has abilities of sounding clean and clear, just like the Fender, but won't be as vintage or characterful. That said, if you're searching for Vai tones, the ENGL would be way more appropriate. Therefore, I suggest the Thunder over the Fender, even though the Fender is a "better" amp.
The cleans on the ENGL are more than passable and it contains enough gain for most soft-metal. They are not particularly receptive to pedals, I have to say, but that's be up for debate and opinion.

If you want Vai tones, however, maybe look into a used Peavey XXX, Carvn V3 or something like that.

Another amp is the Ampeg J-20. It's a brilliant piece of kit. Really smooth, yet raw and rugged. It's not quite a hot-rodded Marshall--it's more American--but it's definitely on a par with some high-spec amps.

Maybe a Laney VC-30 or LC-30. I've only had solid experience with the VC series--and heard the LC through clips and such--but they both are great amps. A little thin and dry, but that's the British tone for ya.
The Laney Lionheart is also something to look into. They are supposed to be the sweeter, more mellow, balanced version of the VC.

Kustom Defender?

Marshall JCM800

Orange Rocker 30. This is a great amp for dirty blues and hard-rock. It's got a lot of girth and grunt, but it's well balanced between modern and vintage. It's quite thick and fuzzy, as well.

Peavey Classic 30. Another really good amp, particularly if you buy one from the used market.

Traynor YCV40. These is lush.

Any of those amps are certainly worth looking into.
Well the thing with the ENGL is, that i dislike the clean. Indeed it's awesome for metal, hard rock, and probably vai/satriani tunes aswel. The fender on the other hand, can probably handle the hard rock quite good aswel with a good overdriven pedal(say a tubescreamer or the Boss one) And the clean is just so amasing. I've looked at alot of different amps. I looked into the amps you posted, didn't really like the Laney(from revieuws on youtube, didn't like the sound). The carvin is quite good, but its out of my budget unfortunately.

Argh so hard...:p
If you're happy with the Fender, what's stopping you?

Seriously, though, if you love the clean tone and have found some solid overdrive tones with a pedal boosting it, then it's the amp for you. A Tubscreamer won't give you that much distortion/overdrive, so I'd suggest something like a Crowther Audio Hotcake or Fulltone OCD.
I think you're absolutely right lol! Just wanted a 2nd strong opinion, i was leaning towards the fender already anyway, but wasn't 100% if it would be the best for me. Realized it is now though:p Thanks for all the help guys! Soon i will be the proud owner of a Fender!
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EDIT: Ah, just noticed you picked the Fender. Congrats!
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The other day when I was looking for a used fender on my local ebay(marktplaats.nl), i found something different. The ZenTera. It was still in good shape, and was only 800,- I figured i'd be way better of with one of these then with the fender, where i'd have to buy multiple pedals in order to get every sound i wanted to have. What do you guys think about this decision? (I bought the ZenTera)
It's probably alot better then the Vetta aswel, it has an awesome sound, and recreates different amps, like a plexi and the rectifier!
I have an Engl screamer and i personally like the cleans better then that particular fender's cleans. it takes pedals well enough and if you like the gain of the engl you will never be able to make the fender sound anything like it. i say get the thunder because it does both dirty and clean well but you should just go by what your ears tell ya.