So I played with reaper and I listened to too much Ghost Brigade and recorded this. I am a noob in recording so I cannot make proper transitions from riff to riff so don't bee too harsh.

The song it "Untitled death doomy thing", the highest song on my profile.


//I know the transitions suck but I can't fix em D:

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Work on your transitions man because you have some interesting riffs as well as solid drumming behind them. I just posted a topic myself if you don't mind checking it out!
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The ideas are actually pretty cool. But you have to practice to a metronome and try less distortion to get more clarity in your sound. Your soloing is pretty fast which i didn't expect.

A little hint might be to include some breaks, especially in those parts where you switch from clean to distortion and the other way around. There the drums have to play something that tells the listener that now something else is coming.

rock on!

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There's some awesome stuff man....I really loved the clean parts actually, could give the timing more work man, it sounds off sometimes....

The good thing is, you kept that solo really interesting to listen to, it was kinda complex, and yet nice to listen to, even with such a simple rhythm underneath, that my friend is effing wicked plus point....

But yeah, juz work on the timing.....and try to bring the lead slightly higher the next time you mix it....

*this is just my personal opinion, i would love a more in your face snare sound......rock on
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I like the general feel of it, there are some good phrases and I like the main riff, just get the transitions fixed. I'll also have to second the suggestion that you lose a bit of distortion to gain clarity.

I agree also that the solo was good, fit well, liked the flow of it. So yea, just mix the lead a littler higher and fix the transitions and you've got a nice piece
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I like some of the timings that are more unusual bro, maybe some synth or bass lines that are more busy would give nice variation. It all depends on the vocals for this one really a good singer could make it sound great and a bad one could make it sound bland.
The riffs are interesting, but like everyone else said, you need to work on your transistions from riff to riff. How did you become a better lead player than your rythem? What I normally do is play the entire song through, like I play the entire rythem for one track, then I play the entire lead for another track. It works much better than trying to fit individual peices of tracks together.

But good stuff.
The first riff sounded off time, But the second one was excellent. and you were right its pretty choppy. You have to ease into thing more gently, I bet if you had vocals it wouldn't sound as choppy. Overall they are excellent riffs.