The other day I broke my D string and I'm now trying to restring it but it seems that the machineheads are completely different to anything I've seen before. There's no hole to thread the string through, the other strings seem to be wrapped around the peg and then folded down inside of the peg, if that makes sense. I guess I could unstring another string to see how it works, but the chances are that I still wont be able to restring it.

I've looked everywhere and found nothing about this anywhere. The guitar was custom made by a shop in London (it was one of five they made) so if anyone has any ideas or info about this, short of taking it back to the shop (I'm no longer living in London) it would be much appreciated, thanks.
Place the string in the slot on the top of the post , leaving enough slack in the string of course, like you normally would, and start winding it.
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Place the string through the machine head. Cut the string to where there is about 2 inches of string on the otherside of the machin head. Now take the end of the string and place it inside the hole in the machine head, bend it, and wind it.
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I don't have any pliers here (nightmare!), but after some fiddling and some swearing I managed to follow Victor's advice. It looks ugly as hell but it works, so thanks guys.

Just one more question, does anyone know what this type of machinehead are actually called?