I've had this question for awhile and it might be and probally is a VERY stupid question but what it the difference between distortion, overdrive and gain? I mean ive been playin for awhile and i thought after awhile i would just find out the difference but i havent yet and its been bugging me.
Gain is officially a measure of a system's response to feedback. Overdrive is officially the sound that overdriven tubes make, and distortion is, like the word says, a distortion of the guitar signal.

If people say overdrive they mostly mean a sound with not too much gain. Distortion is considered having more gain. Gain is the thing that makes your sound sounds raw and crunchy. Or something.

Overdrive is a kind of distortion though.
A good question!

But if overdrive = distortion then why do you get overdrive pedals and distortion pedals? The OD pedals i've tried tend to have lower gain but they work as a boost too if you're playing on the lead channel, but a lot of distortion pedals sound bad if you don't use them on the clean channel
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