This is one of my first posts, but I just got the lexicon U82s so now I can reord my band and we can hear some of our songs played back to us. It lags a little bit though. If anyone has advice it would help but I'm looking it up and asking some of my teachers at school to. But who's excioted with me? Huh?
I'm excited for you, I know I can remember the first time I was able to record something. I listened to it in my car for a week straight. Just dont frustrate yourself trying to get a perfect recording. If it isn't going to cooperate, just turn it off and play, come back tomorrow.

I know personally sometimes I get to the point where I just can't get everything to come together and I have a tendency to keep on pushing at it until I get mad. Rather than get mad I just turn the mic's and software off and just go back to playing my guitar.
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