can someone point me in the direction of a pedal that could harmonize with me, for example if i am playing a solo and didn't have another guitarist to harmonize with me. something that does more than just an octave. thanks
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Digitech Harmonyman, Boss HR-2, Digitech Whammy.

also a couple of multifx pedals (probably not what you're looking for), Boss PS-2 also does harmonizing, and I think there are quite a few more...
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I saw something cool in Guitar World the other day, This is just informatinal, but...

I belleve that the EHX Voice Box would do quite well, I realize that it is suited for a vocalist, but it has instr inputs, and would be pretty sweet....

Never heard it though, so my advice should not be heeded as fact, or opinion, just informational.
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the digitech whammy and the hr-2 don't track very well imo
not near as well as the harmony man

Agreed. The Whammy doesn't track well at all...especially for soloing.

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Ehx Pog.

This is just an octave pedal. Not what TS is wanting. Although it tracks perfectly.
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he's not looking for octave pedals

Woops, meant the Hog, not the pog, sorry...

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When you say they don't track so well, what do you mean by "track"?

The pedal will 'glitch' ...the note that it is reproducing will not be an accurate 3rd/5th/octave whatever of the original note. Or the pedal will just cut or bog out. Especially noticable on chords (not on the POG or micro POG)...because the pedal will have a hard time reproducing each individual note.

Listen to this pedal glitching: around 0:23

Compared to this
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What ever you do go for make sure its an inteligent pitch shifter/harmoniser as a plain old pitch shifter will give you plenty of bum notes.

As for tracking, the only one iv tried that tracks well is on the TC Gmajor2, all the rest iv tried were laggy by about a few ms or worse.
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I'd go for a Digitech HarmonyMan and call it a day...
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