Well today someone walked up to the door and handed me a package!
Of course, I was anxious to know what was inside, so I thought I'd open it

...The mystery box!

Could it be.. ...My bulk order of salt 'n pepper crackers?!

... NO!

It's a Carvin Quad X-Amp.. preamp!

It's my first preamp to go with my 9200, about time too, had the marshall since april :P
It's lovely, never thought it'd be this much louder than going through my digitech pedal though, it got way loud!
Had a look at the tubes, they're all unmarked, except for number 2, 3 and 4, which are sovteks (12ax7's)

Enough talk, MOAR PICTURES!

So now this is my current rig:

And a family shot!

The cab's a self built thing, had some bumps along the way... That's why the grille cloth frame doesn't quite fit :P

[coverass]So I've got some clips up, admittedly my playing is ****ty and I didn't put much effort in to it, but I guess you still get to hear the preamp kinda[/coverass]
I did one clip of each channel, with maybe like a couple different sounds and on channel 3 and 4 I go through the gain range quickly. Then theres one more clip of me butchering that little solo bit from "to live is to die".
All of this was recorded like "guitar -> preamp -> pc" and using the cab sim on the preamp.
I can assure you these clips do NOT do it justice xD

Channel 1
Channel 2
Channel 3
Channel 4
To live is to die
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Thanks all

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Indeed it is!

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Noice! HNAD

I demand teh clipz!

Don't got no mic, I'll have a look though, might try the built in cab sim. I've been wanting to play around with impulses too.. Might have some later on
SweeT!!! HNAD
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
90+USD to change preamps tubes I always wanted to try out some Cavin stuff but it never been popular in my area. I must admit that looks to be an epic preamp, HNAD
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HNAD man.

And I swear, I had a dream about the 9200 a few days ago. But before that I have never seen one. Yet in my dream it looks identical to the real life one. Who knows, maybe I saw it somewhere.
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Woah...9 preamp tubes, a spring reverb tank...a metric buttload of electronics...

I'm impressed. More shocked by how they fit 9 preamp tubes AND the spring reverb tank all in there...but still.

HNPAD! (Happy New PreAmp Day)
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What a coincidence, I was just at someone's house who has that preamp and the marshall 9200.

Your name isn't bob is it? -_-

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HNAD! Have fun shelling out for 9 new preamp tubes though
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What a coincidence, I was just at someone's house who has that preamp and the marshall 9200.

Your name isn't bob is it? -_-


Nope, but I am dutch