So this weekend I'm going to the mountains with my family and another. I won't have much to do, so I'm planning on bringing my acoustic and learning some new songs. I haven't played acoustic in a few months, and I can't think of ANY moderate difficulty acoustic songs. Chords or fingerstyle are both good. As far as fingerstyle goes, I can play Blackbird, so around that difficulty.
And yes I did search but didn't find much of anything. TIA
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Just play "Here Comes The Sun" by the Beatles at least once and everyone will be happy.
Thanks, those are both good. I'm not actually looking for songs to play for them, just good acoustic songs.
some dave matthews or jack johnson maybe?

but if you want a challenge to take on over the weekend, you could learn an instrumental piece from andy mckee or antoine dufour, like mckee's "drifting" or dufours "catching the light".
if you haven' checked out the acoustic version tab of smile like you mean it on here go for it

it won't take very much of your time but may get you addicted to using more slash chords (like me).
Rootless tree by Damien Rice?
That comes more under easy but its a lovely song to play acoustic
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road trippin by RHCP

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