I forget what the technique it would look like


Sorry that looks awful I'm just kind of in a rush. But If I do anything like THAT my G string goes down about a half a step. What the hell. I recently restringed the A string and that hasn't gone out of tune yet...

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re string the G string (or your whole guitar) the string could be dead and dead strings fall out of tune really fast.
it can also be the nut. most people believe it is the tuners. what kind of guitar do you have
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Put some graphite on the nut, it will lubricate it so the string will glide easier through the slots and shouldnt go out of tune.

Just get a pencil and rub it into the groove, you'll have to loosen the string first.

EDIT: Just thought is it a locking trem? If so is the locking mechanism tight.
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Is it a new G string? Did you stretch it before you started using it? If you didn't stretch it when you put it on, and you don't bend much, it will go out of tune when you bend until its ben stretched.
Quote by joey arce
it can also be the nut. most people believe it is the tuners. what kind of guitar do you have

This is, probably, the most common cause of such a condition. However, here are some tips to determining what the real issue is:
* When you last replaced that offending string, was it exactly the same gauge as the last string? If not, it could be that if the replacement string was a larger gauge, it could be rubbing on the now too narrow slot in the nut. Was this the first time you experienced the problem? If so, you have two choices. a. replace with a string the same gauge as the original that did work ok. b. Find a good luthier and have him/her use a fret file to slightly enlarge the width of the slot. You probably don't want to do this yourself, and it is not at all an expensive repair.

* You can take a small jeweler's screwdriver and check to see if the tuning knob screw seems too loose (compared with the other screws on the guitar), tighten it to match--don't go too much. Motto: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

* Stretching out the new string (per another answer) is a must. A firm upward pulling of the string will take care of that.

Hope some of this helps you.
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Its probably a stringing issue. Are you using the proper stringing techniques?
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