im doubting if i should buy a PRS SE Singlecut at Euroguitar or at iMuso.co.uk, euroguitar sells it for 449 euro iMuso for 449 pounds, so euroguitar is cheaper. But i'd like to know if the stores are reliable, so if anybody has any experience with one of them please post here. Might sounds like im whining over nothing here but since the guitar costs around 750 euro at most stores(like Musicstore) im sceptical.
GAK.co.uk and Thomann.de are sites I know are legit.

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you can also look at dv247 but iv never heard of that euro website go with imuso
checked lots of sites, didnt know GAK yet though, seems really nice, they sell it for 389 pounds but they dont got the colour i want. they dont got Black Cherry.

iMuso is a site i found somebody recommending somebody on a guitar forum. Euroguitar is something i found on google, it seems to be quite a big store in Lille(france) though i seem to find only a handful of people that ordereed from them.
I might go to the store if i can get them to get the guitar from their supplier, its a few hour drive from here.
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Just received my PRS SE Singlecut from them, 450 euro, 320 cheaper than MusicStore, depivered 9 days after order and it was at stock at their providers. Only problem is they sent me Black instead of Black Cherry.

Hope this helps anybody that is interested in buying there.
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