Hi, I'm looking for a cheapish electric guitar to buy. I'm not starting as I've played Bass for 2-3 years and have reached grade 7 or so.

But also I have been playing my dad's acoustic guitar and wanted to get an electric one. So I don't really want to get a cheap beginers guitar, but I don't want an expensive one. My budget is up to about £250 ($400 or so) approximately.

I play lots of different genres from metal to jazz, but I want something on the rock side, not metal, but like pearl jam kinda stuff, grunge maybe. I looked at a Ibanez GSA60, though I saw quite a few complaints about body and wammy bar, I wondered if anyone could suggest a better guitar. Thanks.
Look at a Peavey Generation EXP custom in white, that's mine. It's really good cheapish guitar, it has piezo pickups, so you can make it electro acoustic with the flick of a switch. Its about 300 euros, roughly £210 UK
300 euros will be £300. with the current exchange rate (I think)

I was thinking about this too, same scenario with the whole grading and timespan thing, I decided being excellent at 1 instrument is better than being ok at 2.

Ibanez give the better value for money. I was looking at a gibson bass a while ago for £650.

I find the best thing to do is go to a guitar shop, with your cash, tell them your budget and get the best buy in store that day so you know how the instrument plays.