Hey guys! I've just realised I've been playing guitar for almost a year (or maybe a year.. I'm not sure haha). & I actually don't know a lot tbh. I know abit a music theory (enough for me to know how chords are made & all that).
So I was wondering... what stuff should I know after 1 year of playing? & What stuff shall I concentrate on for the next year of my playing?
Also: should I try experiment with different tunings & chords higher on the neck?

P.S: No, I do not know any scales. But I do know barre chords.
Just start to learn songs by a few different artists, and pickup there style - and pickout what makes it their style. Then on top of that, add bits to the song that you think belong there, from that you learn alot and become more expressive by your own creative means.
I would suggest your scales, and since you know your barr chords , learn the notes in your barr. but thats just a suggestion
You could go scales, or mess around with an open G and see if you can get what you are looking for from that. Really is based on your type of playing too even though I know of rock players that use open G but I find it's more common with Blues and/or Country.
I've been playing about the same time as you.

I enjoy making an acoustic song and then finding ways to play it on an electric... just something to do.

Only learn what you want to i mean sure its good to pick up a few other things (i did harp picking just for the h*ell of it)

its funny when you make your own songs and you realize you are criss crossing say metallica and whitesnake with a little pink floyd thrown in lolz.... like i said learn what you feel is needed.

if you are bored i've become addicted to slash chords as of late

slash chord: chord/bass note fun stuff you can go crazy with.