hey all,im from tipperary ireland ,these are just a few songs me and my friend recorded over the past few weeks,few different styles,no lyrics or anything yet ,but have a listen an see what ye think ,any feedback is appreciated


thanks in advance

p.s add us as a friend if your on myspace ,cheers!!
I listened to 'new life' which is a really nice song but lacks the vocals. I think it's getting a bit repetitive because the strumming seems always to be the same. Lead guitar is pretty cool. Some breaks and other themes would suit the songs well I think (e.g. some picking like you're doing in the end etc.).

What I think is great is, that because of the quality of the recording and the type of the song, it sounds like two guys hanging out and jamming on their guitars in the pedestrian precinct or somewhere in the nature.

4 stars for this one!

Crit mine?