or know which direction to point me in?

Me and my friends just like to jam sometimes playing some bluesy songs or just improvising.

Anyone got any good blues baselines? I've made up alot myself, but im looking for some existing ones to mess around with
try putting blues riff and elated things into the UG song searchbar, theres alot of misc stuff on there, along with blues artists themselves
Boogie woogie blues.
Tis fairly simple
1 3 5 6 b7 6 5 3

Or are you on about existing basslines?


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just your basic 12 bar blues will never do you wrong.

if you don't know what i'm talking about...

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There are quite a few threads out there but I would get myself a good Steve ray Vaughan greatest hits collection and spend some time listening to Tommy Shannon's bass lines. The man's a blues monster. From there check out Albert King (Duck Dunn), BB. King (various) and start mining those licks. Learn your 12 bar forms and your hooks, endings and lead ins.

Hal Leonard has few good books and there's tonnes of websites out there on blues bass playing. In blues you are the engine that drives that long train home.
If I werre you, I'd listen to some John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Tommy Shannon (SRV and Double Trouble), since both have lots of great blues lines.
Since you are on the Ultimate Guitar website, go to the tabs listings and check out the bass tabs for Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix. Anything from SRV will take you in the right direction; "Pride and Joy" is a very traditional riff, while "Cold Shot" gives you a different feel but is still pure blues. For Hendrix, check out "Red House" and "Hey Joe." None of these is particularly difficult, so with a bit of dedicated practice you should have them down in no time.
I search for blues riffs and found this topic. Hooray! I obviously play bass, and really want to learn a nice amount of blues riffs that lay the groundwork of blues songs. I tried searching for some blues riffs on UG, but they're usually for songs I don't have, or the tabs are formatted odd so they're hard to follow. Does anyone know a few songs that are on UG that are simple, and well formatted?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, does anyone know of any blues songs where the bass plays lead instead of guitar? I want to learn how to solo in blues, and it's hard to try and solo what the guitar is playing, with four strings and all.
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just your basic 12 bar blues will never do you wrong.
This is very true. With virtually any blues progression, hanging around the chord tones with some diatonic or chromatic approach notes can rarely lead you wrong.
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me and my buddy tabbed out this cool walking jazz thing:
and one that i play on guitar but sounds nice on bass too:
G---------------------- G---------0-1-0-------
D---------------------- D-0-0-3----------3-0
A------0-1-2-1-0--- A-----------------------
E-0-3---------------3 E------------------------

Just some stuff to mess around with, i hope i helped :P