Hey all, I recentyl bought my Line 6 Floor Pod Plus and absolutely love it! Its really great and has great sounds.

I was just wondeing how come when I connect a cable from the Output/Line to the computer, all I get is static from the computer. I thought I was able to connect to the Line In on my computer with the Pod.
The sound works fine when I connect directly from guitar to computer but not though the POD.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Sergio S.
Try the line 6 FAQ section? They've more than likely put a soloutions like this on their site jsut incasepeople dont read the manual or get confused
They didnt have it there, I checked that before.

I did find out they have quite a large community for helping and all. I posted the question there. Thanks anyway.
Should work. Does it have a headphone jack? Try connecting a stereo cable from the headphone jack to the computer line in.