New song

its not finished yet, I just need some advice and/or opinions.

Any comments welcome.

C4C as per
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Sounds great!

Add some vocals and record it. I think it will be a kickass song. The doublebass part in the end is something I actually didn't expected which is great but disqualifies it for radio stations hahaha

Great song, keep up the good work!

crit mine?

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I liked it, a lot. Although honestly i think the song sounds a lot better in 160 BPM. I think the song gets more energy at that speed. Also i think you should use less crashes for the drums and use more open hi-hats (: Other then that i enjoyed the song a lot. Good job.

C4C mine? It sounds kind of similar. (:
I like this song, happy atmosphere and nice melodies although it's a bit generic. I liked your drum work and the clean guitar parts but this song could need some variation. I know, a decent vocal line is enough for such a song but I played around with the bass to show you what I mean. It really adds something to the song and is enough to fresh things up a little bit.

The rest of the song is okay, nothing special, but it has a happy feel and that's what counts here.

Last thing to say is that the last 2 bars are INCREDIBLY generic. For gods sake change that immediately, I can't stand listening to it.
If you just make a few slight tweaks here and there and change the end you will have a decent song on your hands.

Please check out this song if you don't mind
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