I'm sorry if this isnt the right forum for this question but i really need some help on this.

So yesterday I tried to get on the internet and explorer tells me its not working. Today I get on and its working fine, but this ordeal has been going on for the past 2 weeks. My broadband connection is working fine because the days internet explorer isn't working, I can still get on xbox live and use my PSP web browser. When internet explorer's not working, it says my computers connected to an UNIDENTIFIED NETWORK and when i diagnose the problem it says that there is more than 1 active connection. I've tried everything in my power to restore this problem but the only solution is to wait 2 or 3 days and then it will work.

So, im asking all of you computer whiz's for help, what can i do to restore my connection when its not working? I've tried updating my software but that doesnt work so I really dont know what to do now, Please help me!

By the way i have a Modem connected to a gateway (i think thats what its called) via ethernet cable which is connected to my wireless access point so i can have a wireless connection to my xbox, if that helps with this problem.

Sorry for the wall of text!