i just put new 10's on my ibanez (edge III trem) and now, for some reason, the bridge is sitting really, really high. probably 3 or 4 times higher than before the string change. It is infact floating so damned high that my action is almost unplayable.

any idea why this is, or how i can fix it?

sorry dumb question most likely, this is the first time i have set this guitar up myself.

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i sounds like it might be a tension problem.
theres a lot of youtube videos
that you could check out on how to fix it.
did you switch string gauges?
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You need to take the back panel off and loosen/tighten (I forget which) the springs in the back.
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hit up youtube, lots of instructional vids on how to fix that

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need to tighten temelo springs in the back of the guitar.
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