Hey everyone,

A while ago I had a lp junior with a p-100 in it.
Most people hate the p-100 because it doesn't have the vintage balls of a p-90 but I loved the p-100 for my style of playing! Fitted perfectly in the mix whilst recording.

Now i've got an lp with HB routes but want that sound back.
So dose anyone know if there is a HB sized p-100 out there?
Or any kind of HB sized stacked p-90?

Any help or suggestions would be great
It would just sound like any other humbucker. The construction would be the same - two coils and a bar magnet - and the dimensions woudl be the same so it would sound no different to any generic mid-output light-wound humbucker. The P-100 only sounds different to a regular humbucker because it's dimensions are different, a humbucker-sized P-100 would just be... well, a humbucker.
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ha okay. What are some mid-output light-wound humbuckers? Could get me close.