hey i wanna get rid of my x2n in the bridge of my rg2ex2 and replace it with another dimarzio pickup. ive been thinking about the super distortion but im not sure its what i want. it needs to have sustain for days,and clear with hi gain and a good coil tap sound. something that can get dirty and clean up as well. i like ceramic magnets in the bridge cause they just seem to be clearer then alnico (not always) IMO. any suggestion will help...thanks
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^Based on your awful spelling of that, I'm going to rename it the DimePukers. Just cause its an awful pickup.
TS, we're going to need a lot more information. Basically, you just said you wanted a versatile pickup made with ceramics. That doesn't really narrow it down a lot. :/
genre would be alot of metal ( megadeth, dream theater, death, metal church, racer x) but also play cleans and ballady stuff

my amp at the moment is a randall rg100sc. usually i run my guitar into my pod farm software.

my budget....well i can buy any pickup i want really...lol
hmm whats the difference between the dual sound and the super distortion since the dimarzio site is so genius to describe it
ooo ok sweet so im guessing id go with that, since i really dont need a blistering high output pickup...made that mistake with the x2n...not that its a bad pickup...just i got over the phase of drop tuning to be "heavy"