I wrote this awhile ago, I need help fixing it up a bit. So any comments you have please post them =D


Sitting in the Sea,
Awaiting the Vicious waves,
Watching for the sign,
That Says you want to be more than this.

Sitting in the sea,
Gazing at the Horizon,
Eying what should have been,
But We'll never see it.

My ship has capsized,
I have yet to leave shore,
Torn, I cant stay here,
So I hope you enjoyed what we had.

Sitting in the sea,
Lifeless body no longer watching,
The sign was never shown..

Drowning in the sea,
Is the happiest I'll ever be.
Its alright there are just some places where the flow is disrupted "But we'll never see it" is one of them...It just like stops the poem if you know what I mean. There are a couple more than that but other than those little things the poem is good overall.