So I've been playing electric guitar for about 6 months. I love it and I'm getting lessons and having a lot of fun. For the last I'd say 4 months I've been playing punk songs such as that of Blink-182 and stuff so I've gotten used to power chords at this stage and I understand them pretty well.

So my teacher is going through Orion - Metallica with me. It's a great song. I've learned the first section on rythmn guitar and the first solo. Obviously it's gonna take a while for me to perfect which is why I made this thread.

I mean is spending till know until maybe Christmas the kinda time I should be spending learning this song or is that overkill. Should I stick with this song and learn the techniques it has to offer or should i kinda broaden my learning and play some shorter and easier songs?

Thanks guys.
There's never anything wrong with challenging yourself. If it takes you 3 months to learn but you learn a lot from it then it's worth it.
I'd say learn it until you plateau with it, then go onto something else and come back to it. Trust me, drilling the same thing over and over without working on technique doesn't work.

Once you hit the wall you need to examine and find out why, go away and work on the solution and then come back to it. GOOD LUCK!
thanks for the responses guys. I agree with what your sayin. I'll keep taking this piece apart and examine all the different techniques one by one until i get on top of it.

Thanks guys
well you should go at your own pace that you want. A huge misconception I find with a lot of people is that guitar is some type of competitive sport and (its actually hilarious) criticize each other so harshly. For example I just made a thread a few hours ago asking for some cool arpeggio progressions to sweep pick to and some dude starts criticizing me for not playing slow??? Anyway my point is don't worry about where you fall on the ladder unless your making music a profession.

I kinda went on a tangent/rant kinda. sorry about it and I hope get really good!