I don't know where on this site I can find sweep picking exercises. Im not looking for lessons, but if any one can show me or post a few of their favorite sweeping progressions or exercises that would be awesome.
just check the lessons section of UG and type sweep picking/arpeggios you know stuff of that sort..it has everything and very helpful
um said I don't need lessons. I checked it out anyway and those patterns are very basic. Im going to continue my search on youtube and ill post links on what I find.

Im really into trading guitar exercises with people, if some one could point me to a thread thats all about that, that would be awesome as well!

Check this out

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There's a stickied thread in the Guitar Techniques forum (why you posted this in Musician Talk when one called Guitar Techniques exists is beyond me) that has literally thousands of exercises for virtually every conventional guitar technique.
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I'm so ****ing sorry I posted in musician talk I don't know what the hell I was thinking either. I should have already known there was such a place that would be more appropriate to ask about sweeping. thank you.