I'm looking for people to start a metal(various forms including Progressive, Thrash, Death, and Nu Metal) band in the 757 area. Preferably in either Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or Eastern Shore, but people in other areas of the 757 could also join up.

Looking for people between the ages 15-18, although slightly(i mean a year or two) older or younger MAY be considered. Just messege me if you want to join. We need:


I will be playing guitar(would like to switch between leads, kinda like megadeth or slayer do, but if someone would like to play just rythm that'd be fine too). I own an Ibanez 7 string and an ESP Eclipse 6 string so i can play various genres(the ibanez has crap pups but those will be replaced soon enough.) My friend MIGHT do vocals, but unfortunately he is also in another band so there is no gaurantee, but i'd rather have someone who can sing AND play an instrument so if you are a talented metal vocalist who can also play please be my guest

Good equipment is not needed. Neither me nor the singer have good equipment(i have a crate combo amp and he uses a 10 watt fender amp lol) but if you happen to have a stack or something please make sure it either has enough inputs to plug other instruments in or that you keep the volume down just so you do not get louder than the other people in the band.

So yeah if you are interested just PM me or reply to this post.