Hi, Names Daniel, I've been playing guitar for 1 year and 9 months, I've learned of course the basic stuff like open chords, minor pentetonic, Major scales, modes, proggressions, 7th chords, triads (somewhat), some music theory, and some songs learned. (Some from A7X, Anberlin, Trapt, Three Days Grace)

I'm struggling with making a practice schedual, not sure what to learn or practice on for the moment. I have plenty of time to practice and I want to be an all around guitarist.

Want to be able to play Blues, Jazz, and Classical, I'm well rounded on rock and metal, but I know i need improvement on that area too, like string skipping I guess.

Thx to any who can help out.

Also, planning on getting a Shecter Avenger, Black cherry eventually
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If you want to be well-rounded, there is quite a bit more theory you should learn than what you posted. It seems like you have a great start, but if you want to learn various genres of music, especially Jazz, you should learn extended harmony (up to 13ths and alterations), ear training, the three minor scale types and their modes, etc.

If you have "plenty of time" to practice, I suggest breaking it up rather than practicing for an hour or more at one sitting. Review this post on "Spaced Repetition" practice:

If you value your musical education, then your going to need to take music classes with someone who knows what they are doing. I apologize for patronizing you if you already knew this.

If or when you take music lessons from an expert, you should spend time doing the homework given to you as well as polishing your technical abilities with exercise routines. These could be any thing from chromatic runs or string skips (what ever you name it). Good luck!
Ok I appriciate your opinions, and i think i'll start working on my scheduale with what I've heard. thanks guys
If I was you I'd have a look through the Music Theory FAQ sticky in MT, and the techniques sticky here, then work out from that what you think you need to work on and come up with a schedule that focuses on that but gives some time to practicing what you are already strong at and just jamming.