Hi i was wondering if anyone has one of these and their thoughts. I have a rp500 now and have used the rp100 and rp150. I know the product is a bit out of date but was curious if it was better than the floor models since its rack gear or should i just keep what i have until i can get more individual pedals.
Well.....those are nice, with a chip upgrade you move it up to a GSP21 Legend. IMO, much nicer tones. As far as which is better, that depends on what tone you are looking for. The GSP21 has some real tasty 80's tones. I love my Legend, one of the few pieces of rack gear I have held onto over the years!

The up side to your question is that these units go for dirt cheap on the used market. So I would grab one and try it out, if you dont like it then you can probably sell it for what you have in it. If possible look for the GSP21 Legend though. I occasionally see them on Craigslist for under $100 or under $150 with floor board.

Either way I think for the money you cant go wrong.
hey thanks. Can you edit the parameters on teh legend like chorus depth and rate or are they all presets.