Sup guys, im wondering were do you guys usually practice hehe. Just for the heck of it =D

Right now i dont have a bass, getting a new one in a week or two but i always have my acoustic guitar in my room next to were i spend all the time while i sit in my room, my pc.

Or the so called music room in my house hehe. I can play as loud as my amps let me play, nobody around here complains ^_^ In fact they find it odd when theres no noise :S

Other than that, when i go to work i sometimes carry my acoustic with me just in case i got time to play =D I used to bring my amp and ma bass but... It got prohibited after 4 years or so doing it :x Crazy people...

Now tell me guys, what about you??¿
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i usually just play at my house, i mean, i dont play bass, but yea, at my house or at friends houses
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My band practices in a loft that my lead singer got a sweet deal on. We all started pitching in for rent when they raised the price on his lease. But I play drums, so that's the only place I can really practice.

When I'm at home, I usually play guitar in my room, sometimes while sitting on my bed.
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in my room or my mates garage when we got a crate of beer :P what can go wrong we have a great time :P
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In my room? where else would you practice? on the roof?
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That is all.

Oops, ma bad, as you can see my location is cookies my main language is not english hehe, sorry for the typo man.

Raz, im digging the beers bro, that can never go wrong hehe.

l3p4rd, i have practiced on my roof sometimes, not just practice, i even recorded a song once on my roof lolll, it was just elec. guitar but it was something hehe.

My ye ol band once rehearsed on the roof :x Its been ages since i last did that though lol.
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All around my house, at friend's houses, at school. On the bus when on tour, hotel rooms, the like.
In the living room. My garage. my bedroom. The studio waiting for a lesson. In the kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook. On my upstairs porch when the weather is nice.
In my bedroom with my amp, anywhere else in my house without my amp.
for personal practice i have my Tascam CD-GT1. it's a guitar trainer that allows you to play a CD or practice tracks on CD, through headphones. i just plug in my bass and boom, i'm practicing with my band, in my bedroom. i do this a couple of times a week. we have band practice every saturday night in Bill's (my drummer's) converted, two car garage. he has quite a nice virtual studio built.
The dorm room for the most part, if the weathers nice enough I take the fretless and my pocket amp and sit on the hill outside. If I'm back home on the other side of the state, I practice with my friends band in my pals basement, we took all the furniture out of a bedroom and soundproofed the walls, so the Ampeg stack and the two Mesa stacks don't knock the dishware off the countertop upstairs
Heard about singing in the shower? I can't sing? so i something i can :
Play bass in the bathroom/shower

No seriously on my room
Places I "regularly" practice.

On my own: In my living room, where all of my gear is.

For church: At church.

With my co-song writer: In the basement of his house.

With the band: In the basement of the rhythm guitarist's house.
i practice usually at the guitarist house in his garage, which lucky for me lives across the street.
we play, well not loud but loud enough to bother an old fart, or to hear a couple houses down.
we stop before 10 cuz then people start complaining
heh ive got an 8x10" and a 15" little rig going on, i can pump some air
My band is a christian band(flyleaf-esque), in a small-town community, so we end up just going to each other's churches. We go to my garage occasionally, but that's usually where my brother's death metal band is...lol.

On my own, I practice in my room for electric, and anywhere I happen to be sitting with my acoustic.
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