Hey guys and girls,

I have an Ibanez ART 300 and I really want to put a decent tremolo bridge on it. I have seen plenty of guides around so I don't need much instruction, I just need the opinion of experts.

At any rate what type of tremolo would I put on the guitar? I'm not sure if the form factor is universal or not so any help there would be great.

If any, what are the negative effects of putting a tremolo on this type of guitar? I use a POD Live X3 with some Altec Lansing computer speakers so I am really not that strict to a sound. I play anything between blues and metal so theres some leeway with quality.

Lastly, I use pure nickel Ernie Ball 09-42 strings, whats the tensile strength with a tremolo? And what is the best string type for a whammy, if any?

Well, thank you all for the help and the time!
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And way too many effects.
What type of music do you play? That matters toward the type of tremolo.

EDIT: But for that guitar, i would definitely go for some sort of Bigsby.
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the best trem would be a official floyd rose but those are wicked expensive
there are some good licensed floyds, but i cant remember brands off the top of my head
trems are not a one size all type deal but this shouldn't be much of an issue
your strings will be fine, you just want to avoid extremely heavy or light strings because that makes it hard to set it up right
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try that, its a setsbar, its made to attach easily to stop bar style guitars like that.
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