So i was jamming with my band tonight, and we had to get a room with a piano because my digital piano is too heavy to take on the bus, the room was more expensive because of this.

What would you guys think in terms of being acceptable... would you expect the keys man to pay more for this. In my opinion the drummer is being provided with a kit and the singer the PA so i should have to pay more than the others, but what do you think?
If it's something that you need, and you are all willing to go to, then I honestly think you should all pay the same. Regardless of who is being provided with anything.

Otherwise, you might as well just jam over Skype or whatever.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

Everybody's in it together.

When we go to a studio, I take the least time out of the engineer and producer's day: should I pay less than the drummer and singer, who take hours to set up, tune to the room, EQ?

Just because my instrument of choice happens to be ultra convenient, doesn't mean I get out of going even steven for studio time.

Hell, our bassist usually doesn't even bring an amp to gigs anymore, just goes direct in.

Should he get out of load in/out?

Eff that.
its a band rehearsal so the band is paying
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I think it would be fairer to just divide by the band members.
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On the other hand, if you're the "bandleader", ie, it's YOUR band, then it's YOUR responsibility.

Ex: Lucertia and the Losers...

Conversely, if you're just a hired gun, you shouldn't pay a dime, and in fact should be paid for your time...