Basically the title says it all. I've got the flamed version of the s670 and I want the poplar burl one (s670pb). However, my s670 has all EMG's in it (81/SA/85) and was set up yesterday. So I'm looking to trade for an Ibanez s670pb with a bit of cash, or sell mine with the intention of getting the pb. This guitar plays amazingly, and the sound cannot be described. It's got a little buckle rash but other than that is pretty much new. Any questions just ask, I'll try and get pics up tomorrow. Also, I'm living in Exeter at the moment, so you have some idea of where I am.
well looking for about £550, it's an 07 model but bought new about 5 months ago, it's setup literally perfectly plays like a dream and has the EMG's in it.

and i'll get pics up later