It's sort of like a treble control. Sort of controls the 'shimmer'? Just mess with it. You'll hear it.
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it adjusts the width of the treble frequencies i believe, something to that affect. Im not positive exactly, but there's only one way to find out. play around with it till you figure it out.
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its a tone knob for a frequency control EVEN higher than treble. think of it like controlling how much sound value you hold in a band. the higher the presence, the more trebly it is and therefore you have more "prescence".
Presence: Increases or decreases the frequency range of the treble knob- basically, low presence sounds like you have a blanket over your amp, and increasing the presence will sound like you're gradually removing it.

From the sticky, which everyone should read before asking a question..
it controls the ultra high frequencies of amp

edit: sorry not tone
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It's a counter to the gain knob. If you notice, when you have all your EQ at noon and you raise your gain to get those more distorted sounds, or overdriven sounds, your tone gets a lot more low end/bass.

The presence boosts the high end to balance out this extra low end and bring out your sound from the muddiness, it's effectively like an extra tone control after you switch to the lead sound.
not too much tone differences but when the whole band is really loud, turn up your presence and your sound will cut through a lot better.
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Increasing presence decreases negative feedback in the mid to upper frequency ranges. Negative feedback reduces gain so essentially it boosts the gain in that frequency range. It's like a tone control but achieves it's function in a different way.
Everyone missed the fact that the presence dial is a poweramp treble control.
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high mids, not high treble

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know your frequencies people, it's where your tone lives and dies.