Basically, I am looking to spend about $200-300. Just need something decent for that price. I'm not any big time player, so don't go suggesting me to save more for something better. Just something good for that price range will do just fine for me.

As for my style, I don't have one. I don't any real musical preferences. However two of my favourite bands are Muse and The Strokes. Love their sound. So something that can do some of their sounds would be cool.

tldr: Need a cheap amp, that can do any type of music decently, for $200-300.
peavey vypyr, i think you can get the 30w for 299 or 250 or something.
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Do you gig?
If not-
-Vox AC4
-Fender Superchamp XD

If yes-
-Vyper 30

edit- dang, beaten to it by thrasher.

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-Vox AC4
-Fender Superchamp XD


Also a Bugera V22


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No, I don't gig.

I have been interested in the Vypyr. I held off buying it before because I heard they had many bugs. How are they now that they have been out about a year?

Really they are about $300 for the 30w now? I thought they were like $200ish...
Fender Super Champ XD
Vox AC4
Check your Craigslist, people don't know WTF they're selling on there sometimes, good deals everywhere.
I also vouch for the Super Champ XD. I have both a SCXD and a Vypyr 15. For your budget either a Vypyr 30 or SCXD will meet your needs. The Vypyr wins on greater versatility of programming FX, presets, more F/S options, but IMO the SCXD wins on tone both at bedroom levels and cranked. If metal was a major consideration I would say get the Vypyr. Examine both and let your own priorities decide.
If you want tube, AC4. Good cleans and good distortion up to around classic rock level.

If you want lots of variety, the Vypyr is amazing as well.
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I'd go for the peavey vypyr 30. They sell for 199 last time I checked. You get some great tones out of it for the price and it can get pretty loud to boot. Unless you really want to shell out alot of money for pedals I'd recommend against the AC4. I played one the other day and it sounded ok but if you'd want any effects you'd have to go out and buy an effects processor or pedals. Vypyr comes with all of that. The fender super champ comes with the effects and a few voicing so if you really want a decent small tube amp I'd recommend that over the AC4