Hi! I have a small bass rig that, as it turns out, isn't rockin my soul the way i would like it to. Here is the setup.
The Cabinet has 4 x 8" speakers and a 66watt RMS.
I origionally bought this setup because it was cheap and the idea was to mainly use it for home practice. In a band situation though, i have to max out all the levels and it still struggles to put out enuff volume!
So my question is this. Will buying a higher wattage Amp give me more volume or just blow up my speakers? Would i be better off buying a whole new setup?

Thanks for any advice!
A whole new amp is really the way to go. 60W is miniscule for a bass amp, try looking for at least 200W or so if you'll ever be playing with a drummer.

Buy used, and you should be able to find a decent cheapo bass rig for $150 or so. Our bassist bought a dodgy old 70s Carlsbro 150W combo as a backup for £90, and it's brilliant.