I have been playing guitar for about a year and I am going to buy an electric guitar and amp soon. (If you want to know probably a hollow body ibanez and a roland cube amp) and I want to buy an effects pedal/processor. I don't know anything about them and I need some help finding the right one. Here are a few videos of the sound I want.



I want something with this kind of effect. I play indie type music... nothing hardcore. I have been looking at the digitech rp200 and it seems decent. Any suggestions?
Well, first off, running a multi-fx into a modeling amp seems kind of silly. Second, the lower end RP pedals don't sound very good and are very annoying to use while playing.

Why not go for something like a Peavey Vypyr and the Sanpera (is that what it's called?) floorboard? You'll get all your effects and amp models and whatnot plus you'll be able to move from one to another freely while playing.
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The RP200 is very old and I wouldn't recommend it. +1 to ch0 saying get a Vypyr and not to use a multifx pedal with a modeling amp like the Cube.