I'm using a Fender Mexican Jazz Bass and a Dunlop 1mm nylon pick. My problem is when I go into drop D tuning, the low D string, while playing with a pick, makes a sound that sounds slightly sharper than the note being played. The intonation is the best I can get it without going to a luthier. The pick attack sounds fine when I'm in standard or flat tuning, but it's really annoying in drop D. I know I could just use fingers, but for certain songs I'd really like to use a pick. Thanks
It may have something to do with your strings.

Edit: Also try to rais your action a bit. The string may be dipping just enough to get some weird interference from the frets or pickups.
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just a thought. maybe you're fretting to hard. on my Jazz if i press too hard on the fretboard
the note will be sharp, especially on the first or second frets. try holding the pick firmer, and fretting lighter.