Pablo is my immigrant friend. He takes funny pictures, do your worst Pit!

One I did:
Rawr! I'm a dinosaur
that is a horrible picture..
Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all
Close your eyes and I'll kiss you cause
With the birds I'll share
This lonely view
WTF, you post on UG too?
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What the hell is a G&L.

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Gay & Lesbian I think, the box smelled funny
Greg what did you send me??
If I were to hire him as my butler/car washer/love machine... how much would he charge? And more importantly will he clean himself?
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I seem to attract girls.
Which is annoying, cos I'm a girl and I like cock.

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Being an idiot should be illegal too.
Come back with a clear picture and maybe......

nah. Just don't.

You're just making fun of him because he isn't white. That isn't cool.