To put it shortly, the state of Illinois puts on a jazz festival every year and I'm auditioning. I have the music I'm playing, but my only problem is where in the music it simply says "walk the bass" and gives you chords. I know all of the notes in the chords, I'm just horrible with coming up with a coherent, good sounding bassline.

The score can be found here along with the tune.

I would appreciate any tips anyone could give me, or if someone would to be as nice as tab something out for me, I'm creatively challenged.

Thanks for helping!
There are few good threads on walking basslines and on jazz bass playing in general in thr forum archives and the bass forum itself. Both Sinan90 and JazzRockFeel have threads out there on the subject.

I am going to give a bit of constructive advice here. If you can't walk a bass line in the score for the audition, I'd wait off a year to audition and build up my theory and woodshed. Part of walking is reacting to what the rest of the group is doing and chances are even if someone writes out a tabbed line, it may not work as well as something you have created from your own fingers and head. Plus its going to come over as a memorized line.